Your whole financial life at your fingertips

Zero-fee international transfers

Transfer money right away, and with no hidden charges. All currency conversions are available only at interbank rate.

On-budget with easy analytics

Set your own goals, and let us help you stay on track. Track on how you're spending, so you can understand where your money is going.

Save uncomplicatedly every day

Put your money aside, including spare change and recurring transfers. Save with friends, for your next group trip. You can withdraw whenever you need to.

Enhance your money management skills

With UCC, learn how to handle your money while taking complete charge of your account.


Get started with your Crypto Card

  • Open an account with UCC Money and order your virtual crypto card today. With worldwide acceptance, your card enhances your financial access and credibility.
  • Enjoy fastest transaction at best rates across global terminals. With lowest processing fees pay your bills like anyone else.

Send money with no-limits and lowest fees

  • Make unprecedented transfers and transactions keeping an ultimate control on your digital assets across the globe.
  • Enjoy the privacy of your data and funds to pay, receive and transact cryptos, because, we understand, privacy and security is your ultimate choice.

Get the best exchange rates for your cryptos

  • We’re connected with popular crypto exchanges to provide the best rate for your cryptos.
  • Instant conversion at best rates for easy payments at lowest fees and NO hidden charges.

UCC Payment Card

  • Linked to your Multi-Signature Crypto wallet to make easy purchases and ATM withdrawals
  • Plastic card with no hidden charges and several added benefits.

UCC – Better than your Bank

  • One Card with Global Acceptance
  • Mobile Banking with One-Stop Crypto Card
  • Instant Transfers with lowest or no transaction fees
  • Priority Customer Support available 24X7 for Premium Customers. Share your suggestions and queries and get instant support
  • Block your Card in seconds
  • Best Travel Partner – Pay across online and offline terminals, book your flights, pay for coffee and more.

Swipe it – Transaction made easier

  • Swipe your card like, your traditional debit and credit card to make instant payments
  • Generate your 3D secure and ATM pin for safer transactions.

UCC Token – Fuelling the UCC Network

  • Register your account to get UCC Token deposited in your multicurrency wallet.
  • Redeem your tokens on global UCC merchant partner terminals for both, online and offline purchases.
  • Addon discounts with UCC Token for all customers
  • No handling and maintenance charge for UCC Token

UCC Utility Features

  • Get direct entry to the UCC Affiliate Program
  • Addon benefits and rewards for both, personal and business accounts
  • Grow your network with UCC community and global payment system.

Capital at risk.

Urban Crypto Card is facilitated by UCC Money but, it doesn’t provide any advice for cryptocurrency trading. Seek professional advice, if you are unsure of the appropriateness of the investment and take decision as an individual investor. Cryptocurrency is subject to market risk. Due to higher market volatility, the value of investments is subject to change where you may receive less or more than your actual investment. Past performances are not considered to be reliable indicator for future results. Hence, the market fluctuations can widely affect your overall return.